“Language is a purely human and noninstintive method of communicating ideas, emotions, and desires by means of a system of voluntarily produced symbols.”

Edward Sapir (1921), cited by John Lyons

Language is an incredibly versatile tool! And these are the language services we offer:

| Translating
| Interpreting
| Proofreading
| Localization
| Technologies

Where nothing gets lost in translation …

A good translation should not read like a translation! And it must be perfect in both language and content. Now that may sound like stating the obvious, but don´t we all own at least one user manual that may be highly amusing in its wording yet is, in effect, totally incomprehensible due to translation bungles? This is why we only work with qualified and competent native speakers who translate only into their mother tongue.

All translation work is double-checked by our office staff before being sent out to the customer.

If the original text is submitted in electronic form and contains many repetitions, we use so-called Translation Memory Systems which can reduce the workload considerably, thus saving a substantial amount of time and money. See here for more details.

Interpreting – whenever and wherever

Our experienced interpreters work in one or more languages at:

| Conferences and congresses
| Company and plant tours
| Business trips
| Negotiations, sales conferences
| Trainings and seminars
| Trade fairs
| Law courts
| Private events

Interpretation can be done either consecutively or simultaneously according to your needs, and we will help you determine the suitable interpreting style to fit both the event and number of participants. Just let us know your exact requirements. We will also endeavour to find an interpreter located near the event to save travelling and accommodation costs.

Proofreading – in a multitude of languages

Text intended for a wider audience needs to be adapted to the target market – an advert, for instance, will have a different style and tone than a user manual. Bad grammar and spelling or typing errors can easily slip into a text during its various stages of completion. So why not adopt the old adage of four eyes being better than two, and have us thoroughly and professionally check your text before it is released for publication? For that extra sense of security that your text is indeed error-free! Consistency and flawlessness are essential for:

| Product information sheets
| Presentations
| Company profiles
| Websites
| Manuals etc.

Cultural and linguistic adaptation

Localization is the term used for the linguistic customisation of a product to the target market of a particular region or culture. LinguaScript primarily localizes the content of software applications and websites; we also offer testing of compiled applications.

When localizing software, both the program resources (menus, dialogue pop-ups, notifications etc.) and the documentation (manuals, online help, training material, packaging etc.) are adapted linguistically and culturally to the target market. As the Internet is becoming an increasingly important sales channel, corporate websites must also reflect the company´s principles and goals in different languages and with culture-sensitivity.

To assist these processes we use a number of Translation Memory Systems like Trados, DéjàVu, etc.

Computer-aided translation

Translation software tools can ease the workload and significantly speed up processes like the translation of product or product family manuals which contain numerous repetitions or regularly need to be revised or even re-translated. In order to guarantee that valid available content can be carried over unchanged and that terminology is used in the right context and consistently throughout the product series, we use so-called “Translation Memory Tools” where each translated segment is stored in a database and proposed to the translator respectively during revision.

We will work out a joint concept with you for the administration of your translation projects and terminology. Over time, we can build up terminology and glossaries, and create a database of translated word pairs for each of your products, guaranteeing consistency in every respect. And that means even more added value for your products!


Competence, professionalism and continuity. Companies from various different fields benefit from our experience, lean organisational structures and direct contact to our management team.

Thank you so much for the quick handling and delivery.
And I am also grateful that I was able to improve my own language skills again.

menschmark GmbH & Co. KG

Great service, immediate response, super quality!

Heidelberger Institut für Meditation

We were very happy with your translation. You really hit the spot and transfer the message and not the mere structure.

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