“In the fallacies men put upon themselves, and the mistakes in men’s disputes and notions,
how great a part is owing to words, and their uncertain or mistaken significations.”

John Locke (1632-1704)

Make sure this doesn´t happen to you!
Let qualified translators handle your valuable translations. We work with professionals in the following fields:


Our team of qualified translators specialising in the medical industry, medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutics and chemistry provides top quality translations such as:

| Doctor´s and clinic reports
| Medical histories
| Expert´s reports
| Study reports and examination reports
| Publications
| Lectures and speeches
| Instruction leaflets and product information
| Operating instructions for medical equipment etc.


Our technology translations are provided by translators with additional qualifications in physics, chemistry and various fields of engineering such as mechanical engineering, structural engineering, environmental technology and electrical engineering. We translate:

| Manuals
| User information
| Product presentations
| Flyers
| Websites
| Safety guides
| Brochures etc.


Every business sector and every type of text has its own set of requirements when it comes to being translated into another language. We therefore take great care to select the “right” native speaker for each job. We translate:

| Image brochures
| Press releases
| Annual reports
| Quarterly reports
| Product descriptions
| Presentations
| Websites etc.


Nowadays, documentation related to information technology is accessed by millions of readers, making the linguistic quality ever more important. We provide the following types of translation for software applications (user and business software), hardware, telecommunications and more:

| Manuals
| Marketing material
| Training documentation
| Flyers
| Service and licence agreements
| Online help
| Websites etc.


Continuing globalisation brings with it an increasing demand for multilingual legal texts and certified documents. We have an extensive pool of legally sworn translators qualified to translate and certify your documents. Our clients in this area are the legal departments of reputable companies and law firms. We translate:

| Contracts
| Terms and conditions
| Disclaimers
| Certificates
| Law wordings etc.


The industries we cover are almost too numerous to mention, so even if your specialist field isn´t mentioned on our site, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!